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Victoria Petrachi

is a Canadian artist and artisan originally from the Republic of Moldova.

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I'm a passionate artist from Canada

who creates original, inspiring and unique artworks. The motive of this project is my passion for art, drawing and decorative art. My business idea is the online store of art products, interior decoration, artisanal and handmade jewelry. Today the option of shopping online has become an important alternative to visiting a retail store in person. I specialize in vibrant Mandala Dots Art painting style.

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Since childhood, from an 4 years art school, in Balti, RM I was inspired by the work of a classic school of such masters as, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Gustav Klimt, Rembrandt, Peter Paul Rubens, Pablo Picasso Salvador Dali…etc. They gave me basic knowledge and drawing techniques, understanding of color, and perspective.

At an older age, thanks to integrated yoga courses, meditation, color therapy and other techniques for practicing consciousness, I immersed myself in the world of spontaneous drawing.

Also I was interested in the Fractal Drawing Method, a unique Art Therapy tool founded by the Russian clinical psychologist Tanzilia Poluyahtova.

Since 2015, being already in Canada, seeing and enjoying the multicultural nature of this famous city Motreal, I began to practice drowning of mandalas.

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in different cultures. The “circle” from Sanskrit, represents a geometric design that holds a great deal of symbolism in many cultures.

Mandalas are believed to represent different aspects of the universe and are used as instruments of meditation and symbols of prayer. It can be understood in two different ways: externally as a visual representation of the universe or internally as a guide for several practices that take place in many Asian traditions, including meditation.

Mandalas have many uses apart from meditation as the designs are meant to remove irritating thoughts and allow the creative mind to run free as well as relax. But ultimately people create and look at mandalas to centre the body and mind.

Later, with the beginning of the covid pandemic, when a lot of free time appeared and there was a strict quarantine, I mastered a new direction for me – dots art. There were two principle artists who saw to the Pointillist tradition being carried on: Pierre Seurat and Paul Signac. But the person who gave me inspiration was our contemporary Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist who is famous for her use of polka dots.

I practiced and improved the technique of drawing mandals with elements of dottings.

I draw my mandalas on canvas, wood, stones, paper, and other materials after technical drawing, using acrylic paints, brush technique and special pens. I started experimenting with other materials, like art resin, plaster, glass. I experimented with  colors and tried to apply a new color scheme. As is well-known in art therapy, colors may also influence a person’s mental or physical state, colors are often associated with a person’s emotions.

 My paintings are more than fine art because they carry positive energy that is coded in symbolic decor elements and colors.

I invite you to discover the colorful and magic world of mandala dots art.

Bring some peace and harmony into your home

with my beautiful mandala paintings.

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